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IoT Equipment

The IoT has already proven its versatility with deployments going live in various enterprises. IoT helps to improve safety in the warehouse and other dangerous work environments. Internet of things use cases will continues to expand in the coming years. We provide the best quality products of IoT.

We also customize this type of products as per your requirement.

  1. Analog Component Trainer
  2. Cloud Based IoT SCADA
  3. DC Regulated Variable Power Supply
  4. Digital IC Trainer
  5. DRONE
  6. Electrical Safety Trainer
  7. Electronic circuit simulation software
  8. Electronics Workbench
  9. Field Interface and Protocol Simulation Kit
  10. Internet of Things Explorer
  11. IoT based Smart Roof Top / Solar Pump system
  12. IoT Data Acquisition Systems & Protocol Converters
  13. IoT EDGE Computing Device
  14. IT Workbench for computer hardware and networking
  15. Microcontroller kits along with programming software
  16. Multi Function Test & Measuring Tool
  17. Sensor Trainer Kit
  18. Sensors & Actuator for Irrigation Application
  1. Sensors for Green House Application
  2. Sensors for Livestock Monitoring
  3. SMD Soldering & De soldering Station
  4. SMD Technology Kit
  5. Solar Power Lab
  6. Solar PV Module Analyzer
  7. Solar Water Pump
  8. Weather Monitoring System
  9. Wireless Communication modules for interfacing with microcontrollers