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Electrical Measurements

For accurate and flawless measuring of electrical parameters, we develop custom made and user friendly digital meters that in turn aid the equipment and systems to run smoothly giving accurate results.

We also customize this type of products as per your requirement.

  1. 3 Phase Multifunction Meter
  2. 4-20 mA Current Source
  3. Current Indicator
  4. Digital Counter
  5. Digital RPM Indicator
  6. Digital Timer
  7. Power Factor Meter
  8. Process Indicator
  9. RS-232 To RS-485 Converter
  10. Sensors (RTD / Thermocouples)
  11. Single Phase Frequency Meter
  12. Single Phase Watt Meter
  13. Temperature Scanner
  14. Totaliser
  1. USB To Rs-485 Converter
  2. Various Range of Digital AC Amp. Meter
  3. Various Range of Digital AC Voltmeter
  4. Various Range of Digital DC Amp. Meter
  5. Various Range of Digital DC Voltmeter
  6. Voltage Indicator