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Reaction Engineering

We offer batch reactor, catalytic reactor, corrosion studies, agitated batch reactor, cascade CSTR, plug flow, laminar flow, packed bed reactor, tubular flow and semi batch reactor. Our manufactured reactors are well recognized by our clients for their reliable quality.

We also customize this type of products as per your requirement.

  1. Adiabatic Batch Reactor
  2. Batch Reactor
  3. Cascade CSTR
  4. Catalytic Reactor
  5. Combined CSTR & PFR
  6. Computerized Batch Reactor
  7. Computerized Combined CSTR & PFR
  8. Computerized Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor
  9. Computerized Semi Batch Reactor
  10. Condensation Polymerisation Set-Up
  11. Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor
  12. Corrosion Studies
  13. Hydrodynamics of Trickle Bed Reactor
  14. Isothermal Batch Reactor
  15. Isothermal Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR)
  1. Isothermal Plug Flow Reactor Coil Type
  2. Isothermal Semi Batch Reactor
  3. Kinetics of Dissolution of Benzoic Acid
  4. Laminar Flow Reactor
  5. Liquid Phase Chemical Reactor
  6. Packed Bed Reactor
  7. Plug Flow Reactor
  8. Recycled Bed Reactor
  9. RTD Studies In Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor
  10. RTD Studies in Plug Flow Reactor (Coiled Tube Type)
  11. Semi Batch Reactor
  12. Tubular Flow Reactor