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Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering technologies are providing new ways to treat waste water, reduce pollution and harmful emissions. Under this range, we offer bod, elutriator, aeration, deep bed, aerobic & anaerobic digester, deep bed filter column, fluidization test rig, flocculation unit, ion exchange and model of sedimentation.

We also customize this type of products as per your requirement.

  1. Aeration Unit
  2. Aerobic Digester
  3. Anaerobic Digester
  4. BOD Incubator
  5. COD Apparatus
  6. Deep Bed Filter Column
  7. Digital Colony Counter
  8. Drainage & Seepage Tank
  9. Elutriator
  10. Filter Ability Index Unit
  1. Flocculation Test Unit
  2. High Volume Sampler
  3. ION Exchange Unit
  4. Lab Scale ETP Plant
  5. Permeability Fluidization Studies Apparatus
  6. Scrubber (Packed Column) With Automatic Controls
  7. Sedimentation Studies Apparatus
  8. Thickener
  9. Treatability Studies Test Rig With Control System