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Civil Engineering

The field of civil engineering is a very important field to develop infrastructure facilities all over the world which provides practical instruction. We also customize these type of products as per your requirement. Civil engineering projects largely depend on the quality of their equipment. We have an equipped laboratory which provide practical instruction to our clients. We provide all details about research areas and specific equipment.

TEX is the authorized dealer / trader & manufacturer of the following civil engineering instruments.

We also customize this type of products as per your requirement.

  1. Aggregate Testing
    • Aggregate Crushing Value Apparatus
    • Aggregate Impact Value Testing Machine
    • Buoyancy Balance
    • Cylindrical Metal Measure
    • Density Basket
  2. Bitumen Bituminous Mix Testing
    • Asphalt ignition Oven
    • Automatic Marshal Compactor
    • Benkelman Beam Apparatus
    • Bitumen Extractor Electrically Operated
    • Bitumen Extractor Hand Operated
  3. Cement Testing
    • Accelerated Curing Tank
    • Blain Air Permeability Apparatus
    • Cement Autoclave
    • Compression Testing Machine - 500 KN Capacity
  4. Concrete Testing Equipment
    • Accelerated Curing Tank
    • Air Enterainment Meter
    • Compaction Factor Apparatus
    • Compression Testing Machine - Digital
    • Compression Testing Machine - Electrically Operate
  1. Soil Testing Equipment
    • Autolevel Consolidometer
    • Bishop pore pressure apparatus
    • Cone Penetrometer
    • Consolidation Test Apparatus
  2. Surveying Equipment
    • Automatic Levels
    • Digital Theodolite
    • Dumpy Level
    • Laser Distance Meter
    • Levelling Staff
  3. Strength of Material Testing Equipment
    • Motorized Rockwell Hardness Tester
    • Tensile Testing Machine
    • Torsion Testing Machine
    • Twin Load Cell Tensile Testing Machine
    • AND MANY MORE...