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Petroleum Engineering

We hold expertise in offering premium quality petroleum engineering lab equipment and customize petroleum engineering equipment as per client requirements. Available at reasonable market price, the apparatus is commonly used for testing petroleum byproducts or crude oil.

TEX is the authorized Dealer / Trader & manufacturer of the following petroleum engineering instruments.

We also customize this type of products as per your requirement.

  1. Abbe Refrectrometer
  2. Abel's Flash Point Apparatus
  3. Bomb Calorimeter Apparatus
  4. Brookfield Viscometer
  5. Carbon Residue Apparatus (Conradson)
  6. Cleveland Flash Point and Fire Point Apparatus
  7. Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point Tester
  8. Cloud and Pour Point Apparatus
  9. Distillation Apparatus
  10. Distilled Water Dispenser
  11. Doctor Sweetening Process Apparatus
  12. Englers Viscometer Apparatus
  13. Gas Chromatography
  14. HVAC System
  15. Melting Point Apparatus
  16. Oil Insulation Testing
  17. Ostwald Viscometer
  18. Penetrometer Apparatus
  19. Pensky Martens Flash Point Apparatus
  20. Polarizing Microscope
  1. Red Wood Viscometer
  2. Reid Vapor Pressure Unit
  3. RF Powder Supply Test Setup
  4. Saybolt Viscometer
  5. Single Stage Crude Refining Process Apparatus
  6. Softening Point Apparatus
  7. Standard Penetrometer
  8. Stormer Viscometer
  9. Tar Viscometer Apparatus
  10. TOC Analyzer
  11. Total Oil Grease Analyzer
  12. Total Station (LEICA)
  13. Toxicity Analyzer
  14. TSS Analyzer
  15. Vacuum Distillation Unit
  16. Vicat Consistency Apparatus
  17. Vicat Needle Apparatus