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Electrical Engineering

Our lab instruments are high in standards and are fully capable of providing accurate measurements . Our range includes all types of AC , DC motors, generators, motor generator setups with control panel and many more...We also customize these type of products as per your requirement.

We also customize this type of products as per your requirement.

  1. All Types Of Motor Setup With Electrical Panels
    • Ac Series Motor
    • Ac-Dc (Universal) Motor
    • Ac Repulsion Motor
    • Dc Motor Shunt
    • Dc Series Motor / Dc Compound Motor
    • Induction Motor/ Synchronous Motor
  2. All Types Of Generator Setup With Electrical Panels
    • Dc Generator Shunt
    • Dc Generator Series
    • Dc Generator Compound
  3. Motor - Generator Setup With Electrical Panels
    • Ac-Ac / Ac-Dc / Dc-Ac/ Dc-Dc
  4. Ammeter Method
  5. Auto Transformer
  6. Drive Alternator
  7. Earth Fault Relay Testing System
  8. Electrical High Voltage Educational Lab
  9. Electrical Machine Trainers
  10. Electrical Safety Demonstrator
  11. Electrical Workstation
  1. MCB And HRC Fuse Testing System
  2. Oil Testing Kit
  3. Over Current Relay Testing System
  4. Power Measurement By Three Voltmeter & Three
  5. Power Measurement By Two Wattmeter Method
  6. Scott Connection Trainer
  7. Single And Three Phase Inductive Load
  8. Single And Three Phase Resistive Load
  9. Single Phase & Three Phase Capacitive Load
  10. Single Phase Bridge Converter Drive
  11. Sumpner's Test Of Two Single Phase Transformer
  12. Synchronous Machine Training System
  13. Testing System
  14. Three Phase AC Voltage Controller
  15. Three Phase Over Current & Earth Fault Numeric Relay
  16. Three To Six Phase Conversion Trainer
  17. Thyristor/ IGBT Controlled DC/AC Motor
  18. Transformers
  19. Transmission Line Training System
  20. Under Voltage & Over Voltage Relay Testing System
  21. Understanding Calibration Of Energy Meter